Concept of Rashnaa

Rashnaa is the Hahaskan Composite Bow wielded by the now heretic  Shakuma prince Jafar Hakim. What differs the Rashnaa from any other Hahaskan bow is that the Rashnaa was built from using the wood from the Langas and horn from the Minotaur that gave it high flexiblity whilst being almost weightless.

Rashnaa was forged in 177PD by the Shakuma smither Hamid Khaz under the request of lord Zaahir Farid as a gift for his eldest son Jafar Hakim. Hamid was given the the despolation of any of the Hahaskan Empire's resources to forge this weapon, he then sent through rangers and merchants to seek out the finest wood and horn across Sisitra and Idara, to which them came back with an assortment of lumber from different trees and horn from many different animals. Hamid found the Langas timber and the horn of the Minotaur the best quality materials he was given and combined them together with his skill with the forge to controct Rashnaa. When Rashnaa was completed it was handed over to Zaahir, who then gave it to his Jafar on his 8th birthday where jafar gave the bow it's name.

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