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Concept of Raldar
Vital statistics
Species/Race {{{Species/Race}}}
Affiliation Covenant of Shen'dow (Formerly), Cult of Skulls
Origin {{{Origin}}}
Date of Birth - Death Unknown
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Aliases Death Priest of Theda, Emissary of the Covenant, Archnecromancer
Class Death Priest
Nature Lawful Evil
Raldar was a Drakari Death Priest who was sent to the Cult of Skulls alongwith a handful of his brothers and sisters as the emissary to the Covenant of Shen'dow. However, after the death of Mardrake Transfer and the re-location of the remnants of the Cult from Naz'grim to Karthmere, Raldar was banished from the covenant for failing their wishes.

Abanded by his people, Raldar re-joined the Cult of Skulls as a fludged members and eventually became the next Archnecromancer after Uwen. He was however killed off by Katarine Baer.


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