Raj'rûm Mamluk
Raj'rûm Sipahi
Concept of a Rajûm Mamluk
Vital statistics
Culture Hahaskan Empire
Class Elite Cavalry
Role Charging, breaking morale
Equipment esken lance, long scimitar
Armour steel, iron, cloth
The Raj'rûm Mamluk also known as simply the Mamluk is a military unit employed by the Hahaskan Empire. They are heavy cavalry which are a combination of the ideals of the Scer Cataphract and the armour design of the Shakuma, they are members of the Raj'rûm Elite.

History Edit

The Mamluks were formed following the later years of the first founding of the Hahaskan Empire, as the Hahaskan emirs realized in their early campaigns to try and increase their borders into the neighbouring provinces that their horses where being slaughtered by hostile ranged weaponry, In particular those by the Orc Longbowmen from the Swiftshot Clan and the Dwarven Crossbowmen of Ravine.

To solve this dilemma, the Hahaskans looked back towards the Scer Kingdom which they conquered early one and in mind towards the Scer Cataphract, which covered their horses in armour to protect them from piercing and ranged attacks. They began training Hahaskan Cavalry into what would be the Siphai and began wearing the armour that was used exclusively for the Rajrûm Guard. Also as breeding horses which would be able to take both the weight of the fully armoured rider but that of armour adorned on the horse itself.

By 89PD, the second campaign of the Hahaskans to conquer neighbouring lands. The sultan Maslum II himself lead a company of 50 newly formed mamluks into Axon, where they were triumphant in devastating the Hellien's defences and soldiers and undermining the Kingdom of Stars.

With the Campaign successful, the mamluks were honoured for their service to the Empire and granted rights to the be named part of the Raj'ûm, which gave them nobility status and lands to call their own.

Tactics Edit

Raj'rûm Mamluk are mostly used to charge the front line of enemy troops, as they have heavy armour both on their person and that of the horse, they are not that vulnerable to the attacks of enemy infantry or archers, they can break through enemy formations easily and cause dismay, however they falter under common anti-cavalry tactics, such as the use of pole arms and spike traps. Since the horse is cladded in armour, they are not as fast as their unarmoured counterparts, which could cause them to be overrun and out maneuvered by ranged or light cavalry.