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Raj'rûm Guard
Imperial Warrior
Concept of a Raj'rûm Guard wielding a Req'maûl
Vital statistics
Culture Shakuma Sultanate (Formerly), Hahaskan Empire
Class Elite Infantry
Role Royal Guards, sworn to protect the lives of there nobles
Equipment Raj'dagre, Req'maûl
Armour Steal, Cloth, Leather

The Raj'rûm Guard are a military unit that was employed by the Shakuma Sultanate and later by the Hahaskan Empire, they are heavy armoured infantry which make use of both anti-cavalry and anti-infantry tactics in their service to the crowns and as of their name, they are part of the Raj'rûm Elite.

History Edit

Founding (23PD - 25PD) Edit

The Raj'rûm Guard began in the early years of 23 to 25PD, where the Shakuma, fractured and tribalist in nature contested for dominion and sources to survive in the harsh Shakaran Desert. They where the tribesman of the Raj' tribe. Which after starving and poor decided they would take the offer by the Hakim tribe that forced them to give up their loyalty to the Raj' for resources.

These now submissive set of Shakuma where then tasked with fielding a unit of there best fighters for the Hakim Tribe. The Raj' before they merged where known for their calm state of mind in battle and skill with a spear. They managed to field at least 50 men which where then given mediocre arms and armour then sent out into the borders of the tribe, to protect and watch over the key positions within the tribe's territories

Tactics Edit


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