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Provinces of Terfall

A basic Provincial map of Terfall

Provinces also known as Regions are sections of the planet Terfall which have been split up using borders and mountain ranges. These provinces usually signify the borders of nations or islands on the world map.

Provinces Edit

Continental Provinces Edit

Several of the provinces of Terfall lie on a large continent known as Sistra, on the map it sits within the center.

Lana Falls Edit

Originally known as Emerald Grove during Elven Rule. Lana Falls is one of the central provinces of the continent Sisitra, bordering Kata's Descent, Scorn, Highpass and Ravine. It is currently controlled by the Lanien humans of the Kingdom of Stars & the Briari elves of the Kingdom of Thorns.

Jaqua Edit

Jaqua is a desert province on the north western point of Sisitra bordering Badland, Kata's Descent and Ravine. It is currently controlled by the Lunien humans of the Kingdom of Stars & the Sarrians.

Kata's Descent Edit

Originally known as The Spine during Elven Rule. Kata's Descent is identical to that of Lana Falls and sits next to him across the river li also bordering Jaqua and Ravine . It is currently controlled by the Katiens of the Kingdom of Stars.

Scorn Edit

Originally known as Gell during Elven Rule. Scorn is a volcanic province on the northern most point of Sisitra bordering Lana Falls across the river er, Axon  and Highpass. It is currently controlled by the Hellien humans of the Kingdom of Stars & the Crimson Orcs.

Axon Edit

Originally a part of both Gell and Eskus during Elven Rule. Axon is a rocky barren province on Sisitra which borders Scorn, Eskus and Highpass. It is currently controlled by the Hellien & Plainsmen of the Hahaskan Empire.


Highpass is a snowy highland province within Sisitra, landlocked by Ravine, Lana Falls, Morris Plateau, Eskus and Shakara. It is currently controlled by the Highlanders of the Kingdom of Stars, the Orcs of the Shadowcurse Clan, the Dwarves of the Runera Kingdom and several dozen Yifford Clans.

Ravine Edit

Ravine is the mountainous province which sits central to Sistra, landlocked complelety and bordering nearly all provinces on Sisitra apart from Scorn, Axon, Eskus and Stepp. It is currently controlled by the Dwarves of Jaggar, Bortho & Runera and several Yifford Clans.


Badland is the barrens province within Sisitra. it coast line joins the Idaran Channel with the Elvish Sea and borders Jaqua to the north, Ravine to the east & Wild Terfall to the south east. It is currently contested over by the Goblins of the Goblin Tribes & Dominion of Bleakwinds. The Minotaurs of the Minotaur Tribes & the Dwarves of the Kingdom of Jaggar.

Wild TerfallEdit





Island/ Isles Provinces Edit

Cavern IslesEdit



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