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Pirate Captain

A Pirate Captain

Pirates are one of the types of Renegade found in Terfall. Pirates are former sailors who after certain reasons have turned against their nation and taken to a life of piracy.



It is unknown the correct time in which the first Pirates came to be. As the name was givin to any renegade privateer of a nation. It is mostly likly the first pirates where Elves, generally Shenari and Drakari who denied the corrupted taint of the Gelldir and turned their backs on the Elven Empire becoming traitor sailors who then robbed the trade vessels from the Shen isles , Uthway , Idara and Panrr. However these first elf pirates dissapeared by unknown reasons.

Reign of  Humans eraEdit

By the ages after the distarious events of the Darkening and rise of humanity. Pirates amerged from the wreckages of human desire deep outside of the nations along the open sea. They where small in number, but as more and more tales came of their exploits

Golden Age of PiracyEdit

Further HistoryEdit




Pirate CharactersEdit

  • Jar'vla Greentide - a Drakari first rebelled against Elven Empire
  • Nagri'ri Mythsworn - a Shenari who allied with Jar'vla Greentide against the Elven Empire
  • Maia Darksea - a Omenien turncoat who after being locked away by the Kingdom of Star's law of aiding a person convicted of piracy Maia became a Pirate herself to seek revenge on the one who imprisoned her; Lend Seaworthy.


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