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Philip Morrel
Philip Morrel
Concept of Philip Morrel
Vital statistics
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Affiliation Kingdom of Stars (formerly), Kingdom of Axon
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Date of Birth - Death 203PD
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Aliases General of the Axon Guard, Red King
Class Red Legionary
Nature Neutral Good
 Philip Morrel is an Axoni Red Legionary who became the first King of Axon, given the title of "The Red King", formerly a Katanovian Knight. A member of the Morrel peasant family, Philip rose to fame standing for the people of Axon and how they were treated after the Chaos War.

Being a tenacious and stubborn commander, He formed the Red Legion to supersede the knighthood and with the nobles of Axon broke off from the kingdom of stars and formed the kingdom of axon, then later named him there king.

Biography Edit

Birth & Childhood Edit

Philip was born in the town of Fevilla in Axon in the year 203PD, he grew up within a lowly peasant family that worked off the vineyards of the regions, this simpleton lifestyle taught Philip the toils of the common people against the nobility.

It was also at this time that Philip learned the harsh reality of magic as the remaining Chaos Horde was still apparent within his homeland and on occasion attacked his town, he lost his older brothers by 4 and 6 years of age. By 14, Philip's mother died of her grief leaving him with just his poor father who made what earning he had left working the fields.

Coming of Age Edit