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Peter Eldon
Baron deathmask
Concept of Peter Eldon as "Baron Deathmask"
Vital statistics
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Affiliation Kat Prime (Formerly), Kingdom of Stars (Formerly)
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Date of Birth - Death 120PD
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Aliases Royal Knight of Light (formerly, the Great Eagle Knight (formerly), Baron Deathmask,
Class Knight of Kat Prime, ((Formerly)), Death Guardian
Nature Chaotic Neutral (Formerly Lawful Good)

Peter Eldon who later went by the alias of Baron Deathmask is an Half Elf


Peter Eldon was a human born in a templar settlement in Idara to an Katanovan woman and a Shenari man. He was separated at birth deliberately by his parents as they feared that threats such as the Drakari would kill the two, meaning that Peter would be left without parents to take care if him. He was given to the brave and noble paladin Atticus Braveheart who, with his spouse, Selena Braveheart (formerly known as Selena light), took care of Peter in Kat Prime for around 18-25 years until Peter truly started to learn the truth about his parents.

When he was older, he became a knight in the Katanovan army and he trained for many years until he finally became an Eagle Knight. Throughout this time, Peter had liked to use the power of light to attack his enemies. This was shown many times when Peter was called to battle in the War of Bones and he gradually became a legendary hero.

After one or two years of the War of Bones, Peter went to train with the Templars. He developed his light skills and ot was here that he finally found out the truth of his parents. He stayed with his real parents for a few months before he was called back into the war. He fought alongside the Templars and his parents.

Peter was eventually killed in battle and was revived by an unknown necromancer. Peter was furious as the necromancer had killed his mother. He slaughtered the necromancer before realising he was a skeleton. The humans around him ran away.