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a Pandari Wardancer
Vital statistics
Affiliation Panrr Republic
Age 13,000ER - Present
Aliases Pandas, Una'Qe
Religion Eternal Prayer
Mount Unknown
Leader Harris, Gendo
Intelligence 9
Height 8 - 9 feet
Environment cold, grasslands, forestlands, mountains
Lifespan {{{How long do they live}}}
 Pandari also known as Una'Qe are a bear Race of Sentient Mortals that hail from the Terfall Region of Panrr Isles. They live mostly a solitary life on their isles and are rarely seen by other races. However there are expections when brewmakers come out from their home into the wide world seeking ingredients for their own verison of Panrr Ale; one of finest of ales all across Terfall.



Pandari Drawing

A Malleck Pandari which takes characteristics of a cat

The Pandari appear as large, heavy built Humanoid bears, with black and white colored fur. Pandari where gowns and robes and where armor made from a rare metal found only on the Isles of Panrr


The Pandari Culture is greatly reflexed apon the Chinese Empires of Old. They live in bamboo built houses with light wood shacked roofs, The Pandari take pride in there craftmanship as can be seen from there Stone Crafted Temples atop the high Panrr Mountains.

Noteable PandariEdit


  • The Pandari are heavly refferenced by World of Warcraft's own Pandarens. From there culture to their appearence.
  • The Pandari are not an offical race of Kingdoms of Terfall but a bonus race for roleplayers to use for the Titan Land Kingdoms of Terfall.
  • The Pandari was one of the first Races that was created for Titan Land Rise of Kingdoms, the other 2 being Hill Giants and Cult of Skulls. it was deducted after 2.7


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