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Orcish Kingdom
Orcish Kingdom
Concept of the Orcish Kingdom's Symbol
Background Information
Type Monarchy
Location Orccen, Stepp
Capital Noble Citadel
Founded/Built 2000PD
Ruler's Orcish King
Other Information
Summary Unified nations of Orcs.
Other Names Kingdom of Orccen
Inhabitants Orcs, Olohs, Hyenaks, Vernaccs
Language Orcish, Avarish
Lifespan Still in power

The Orcish Kingdom also known as the Kingdom of Orccen is a faction on Terfall which belongs to the Orcs over Orccen. The kingdom is the first faction ever to try and unifiy the Orc Clans into one whole power, and as such has made itself a force not to be underestimated against other great powers.


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