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An orc most likely from the Noble Clan
Vital statistics
Affiliation Orc Clans, Kingdom of Orccen, Cult of Skulls (formerly), Hahaskan Empire
Age 12,000ER - Present
Aliases Green Skins, Bruti
Religion Shamanism, Eternal Prayer
Mount Horse, Dire Wolf, Graega
Leader Orc Clan Chieftain, King of Orccen
Intelligence 5
Height 6 - 8 feet
Environment Any
Lifespan 100 years
Orcs also known as Green Skins by humans and Orkesh by Elves are a sentient mortal race from Terfall hailing from the Sisitra province Orccen. Orcs are easily disinquised from the other terfall sentient mortal races by their green skin, muscle tone and extruding tusks.


Orcs came into being within the region of Terfall which later would be known as Orccen around 12,000ER. There people colonised the grassy lands for their own and untested.


Orcs skin tone range from light green to dark brown with a haveily muscular frame and a considerable stature amongst the Elves and Humans. They are one of the races on terfall to display tusks. They are born without the properties to grasp magic unlike their Elves. --

Lifespan Edit

Orcs metabalious is similar to that of



Orcs are known to be exceptional warriors and leaders, despite their culture is sometimes protrade as bestial. Despite this, Orcs have a impressive feeling of honour which for a tribal race is admirable. 


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