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Concept of Ominous
Vital statistics
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Affiliation His Own
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Date of Birth - Death Unknown, dawn of creation
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Aliases Architect of Suffering, Great Whisperer
Class Titan
Nature Chaotic Evil

Ominous is said to be a Titan whose affiliation is to corruption and is said to have been existing within the corners of the Titan Universe since the birth of creation, due to his affinity to corruption it is side that he is the architect of both mortal, god & demonkin's suffering under the influence of others.

Biography Edit

Birth of Creation Edit

During the time after the known as the birth of creation, Ominous would have been one of the numerous Titans the supposed Web King creatied to warden the Web of Life. Originally, ominous would not have been associated with corruption until he ventured to far away from the the energy the Web of creation fed.

Ominous continued to venture outside the areas bound by the web until he found himself in what is refereed to as The Blackness, he began to engorge himself on the dark energy the blackness created that eventually Ominous became its vessel and choose the affinity to corruption. With this new, deeply evil power Ominous began pouring his energy back into the universe, trying to corrupt the web of life itself, however its creation energy was far to powerful ad unccoruptable for him to grasp. So he then took towards the titans and other beings that fed upon the web.


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