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Oathgard "The Bulwark"
Concept of Oathgard
Vital statistics
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Affiliation Noble Clan
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Date of Birth - Death 10ER
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Aliases The Bulwark
Class Orccen Knight
Nature Neutral Good
Oathgard also known as Oathgard the Bulwark was a Orc Chieftain of the Noble Clan prior to the founding of the Orcish Kingdom. Oathgard led the noble clan through great trials of power, when the human Hahaskans threatened dominion over the Orcs, the Etrakcs pressure over Lower Orrcen and the Chaos War which, thanks to Oathgard's knowledge and planning unified the Orcs into one banner to hold off and engage the Chaos Horde. He died in the winter of 201PD to his battle wounds where he son Oathmane won the contest over his chieftainship.

Biography ==


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