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Njordsir Warrior
Njordsir Warrior
Concept of a Njordsir Warrior
Vital statistics
Culture Kingdom of Thorgaard
Class Infantry
Role Front line soldiers, peace keepers
Equipment Swords or Axes, Round Shields
Armour Iron, Leather, Cloth, Hide
Njordsir Warriors form the front line infantry of the Njordsir. Worthy for battle from withstanding the harsh trials faced down by his people.

Any more advanced or specialist Njordsir fighter began as a simple warrior.


Njordsir warriors come in a variety of different weapons, from polearms, one handed swords, maces, axes to mighty 2 handers. Because the Njordsir do not beleive in disipline and formations within battlelines. Njordsirs rely on there Warriors's strength of arm and bloodlust in battle. 

There armor consists of a chainmail vest and iconic Odinian . underneath is mainly just cloth and parchments of leather. To keep warm under the harsh cold on Uthway an animal hide cape is worn to protect the warrior from the elemenets. But also acts as confert for long journies.

Appearance in TL KoTEdit

Njordsir 1.5 Warrior

The Njordsir Warrior as they appeared in 1.5

Njordsir Warriors appear in Titan Land Kingdoms of Terfall as the first unit type for the Njordsir Race. Changing form betw
Njordsir 1.61 Warrior

The Njordsir Warrior as they appeared in 1.61 and onwards.

een 1.5 and 1.61.

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