Njordsir Pikeman
Njordsir Spearman
Concept of a Njordsir Pikeman
Vital statistics
Culture Kingdom of Thorgaard
Class Infantry, Anti-Cavalry
Role Front line soldiers, peace keepers
Equipment Pikes, Swords, Axes
Armour Iron, Hide, Cloth, Leather
 Njordsir Pikemen are a military unit for the Kingdom of Thorgaard, Almost identical to that of the Njordsir Warrior apart from the fact they wield large Pikes primarily used to stop cavalry.


The Pikeman's traits are identical to that of the Njordsir Warriors, they are used as front line infantry with medium armour and a array of weapons from melee to ranged. However unlike the warriors, pikemen are trained to wield large polearms, made from wooden that has either a sharpened tip or iron spikes on its end. They use this weapon to brace from cavalry charges and keep enemy at a medium distance so allied cavalry can flank them. This proved most effective with the Njordsir to fend off against the cavalry charges in Highpass and even when they moved to Uthway where there wasen't any real form of cavalry, they see made use of it as a means of defense.

Njordsir Spear

Concept of a Njordsir Pike

The pike is often large and requiring two arms to use, this puts pikemen at a somewhat disadvantage in close combat as the pike is not designed for close combat and the a shield cannot be wielded whilst holding the pike, this is why the pikemen are in unision with the Njordsir Warriors as front line infantry.


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