Njordsir Longhouse

Concept of the Njordsir Longhouse

Njordsir Longhouses or simply Longhouses are a type of architecture used on Terfall by the Njordsir and they have been using that design since there exodus to Uthway.


The Njordsir Longhouse has been used by the Njordsir since there identication as a single race of Humans, rather then an extension of the Highlanders which they originate from. Since the design is simple yet effective for high water regions, the njordsir never forgot it. They are offcourse similar in design to that of the Mead Hall and are used in union with them for settlement for multipule families. 


Longhouse Interior

Concept of the interior of a Longhouse

Longhouses are used as family houses, able to shelter multipule families into the one structure, thus reducing required space of land and material usage. Longhouses usually held beds, storage units and a active firepit within the center of the building. The structure was designed to allow smoke being able to ventilate smoke from the roof, thus removing smoke and not causing suffication of the oxygen. Cooking, drinking and singing often took place within the building or in the mead hall.


Longhouses where constructed using natural resources anywhere near the site of which it was being constructed. Timber or Stone where generally used as the frame of the building whilst timber or straw was used for the roof to trap heat inside. These materials are ususally freely available from the environment and only require simple tools to create. Thus allowing the Njordsir. to quickly batch produce them for the creation of the settlements needed for their new home of Uthway.

Structural DesignEdit

The design of the structure for the longhouse is rather unqiue for its simpleness is tthat it does not function with interior supporting columns in it's interior but rather the roof's weight is distributed through its curved slant into the walls, supported by exterior support columns. However the roof can still collaspe over time rather quickly. The longhouse is designed mainly to within harsh heavy conditions such as heavy snow or rainfall and high winds, however it bares no foundains unlike over structures which can cause the building to collapse with earth movement. Longhouses also have a heat issues as it bares no doors or windows (glass it not common in Njordsir design) so they where built with in built firepits which produced heat for occupants. This however also caused a buildup of smoke in buildings which was counted with the creation of a small venting hole in the roof of the building to allow the smoke to freely escape.


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