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Concept of 3 Njordsir males
Vital statistics
Affiliation Njord Clan (Formerly), Kingdom of Thorgaard
Age 4,500ER - Unknown
Aliases Nords, Norsemen, Vikings
Religion Njodra, Shamanism, Five Paths, Eternism
Mount Horse, Snowy Dire Wolf
Leader King of Thorgaard
Intelligence 6
Height 4 - 6 feet
Environment Tundras, Coastlines, Rivers, Lakes,
Lifespan 40 - 120
 Njordsir are a race of Humans who hail from the tundra across the eastern area of the province Uthway, they are the citizens of the Kingdom of Thorgaard and following the religion of Njodra, however have also been known to practice the Five Paths, Eternism & Shamanism.


The Njordsir people didn't take on an identity of there own until after the Darkening. They where originally Highlanders, all the Highlanders spilt up into forming different tribes across Highpass and would feud with one another for power. The tribe that would later take the identity of Njordsir where a war-crazed group who worshiped Njod , the God of Game


  • Njordsir is spoken like Nord-dra-seer, or Nord-sir depending on dialect
  • Njordsir are inspired by the viking culture of medieval scandiava
  • the name "Njordsir" alongwith the race idea was founded by Strakk
  • Originally, the Njordsir where never to be planned as a true KoT race, but KingKatanova pushed the idea forward within a phew considerations into it.


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