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Njod Gods
Concept of Njod
Vital statistics
Race God
Media Present Titan Land Kingdoms of Terfall
Affiliation Njod Worship, Kingdom of Thorgaard, Great Spirits
Birthplace Endless Expanse, Infinia
Date of Birth - Death Unknown
Relations {{{Relations}}}
Aliases God of Game, Lord of the Hunt
Class God
Nature True Neutral
Njod Also known as the All Father is a God affiliated with game and the hunt. Originally a deity of the Great Spirits, Njod became a separate entity when a human clan that solely worshiped him formed the Kingdom of Thorgaard and in so doing founded the independent Njordsir people.




  • Njod is prounced by KingKatanova as "Nodge"
  • Njod is inspired by the norse god Odin by his affination to the hunt and the grandfather of the viking culture


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