the Netherworld in Theda's eyes

The Netherworld is one of the reflections of the Realm of Magic. It is where the Souls who have pasted away from the Mortal Realm go to recieve either eternal happy or suffering depends on their actions during their lifetime. It is also the realm of the Eternal One of death Theda.


The Netherworld has existed in the Realm of Magic ever since the Creation of the Mortal Realm by the Creator. The Realm was left baren for millieam until Theda came into being and came across the wasteland realm during the early years of his existence. Theda quickly took the place as his own and made it what it is today. He then created the soul portals which bring through the souls who have died into the Realm of Magic as a cross road where if the soul's life has been good and caring they recieve eternal praises in Heaven or eternal suffering in Aftermath.


The Netherworld appears in many shapes to whoever witnesses it. Usually the Netherworld with take on the appearance of Death, Suffering and decay to ward off intruders who seek Theda's power.


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