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Concept of Naz'grim

Naz'grim also known as the Grave Marshes and the Eternal Graveyard is a region found in the north east of the Jaqua. It was believed to have been the sight of some ancient battlefields that resulted in the region being one engorged tomb within thousands of dead locked within the uneven earth. The region was later known for being the Headquarters of the Cult of Skulls, were they reanimated the dead of Naz'grim into forming the Skeleton legion and the beginning of the Bone War.


The History of Naz'grim is surrounded in mystery, for all that can be speculated is that it was the playground of major conflicts across centuries between warring people, the dead that lay within its uneven topography have presumed to be elven in origin due to the now rusted equipment they were entombed with, however as to the distinct race of elves in unproven.


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