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Concept of Nauticas consuming Sentient Mortal vessels
Vital statistics
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Affiliation Himself
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Date of Birth - Death Unknown
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Aliases Kraken, Cthulu, The Devourer, Enemy of Hyedari
Class Godlike Monster
Nature Chaotic Evil

Nauticas sometimes reffered to as the Kraken was an ancient Godlike Monster that claimed dominion over the oceans of terfall for several thousands of years. All would fear his maw of everlasting hunger with a size of over 50 feet and ermous tenticlues that measured over 10 galleies long. He been known as the scourge of water elves during their mass exodus to the oceans, where he would destroy their vessals and devour their lives one by one. Until the day where the young and scared Hyedari girl, Hydro with the power of Anarok behind her managed to trap very essence into her fallen father's sword, now known as the Kraken's Bane, which could explain how such an artifact manages to claim control over all the oceans.



Dominion over the Terfallen SeasEdit

Scourge of the Water ElvesEdit

Hydro's RisingEdit

Questionable ReturnEdit

With the destruction of the Kraken's Bane following the Battle of Darktides and the fragments being thrown back into the sea. Some scholars who knew of the legend of Nauticas worry that the spirit of the mighty kraken that was trapped within the sword might have escaped and seek to find its body and the depths of the ocean where no mortal eye has gazed apon. However this theory has not been proven yet over the cross of several thousands of years after that battle. But allways men are weary of the tale.


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