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Concept of a Nathair
Vital statistics
Affiliation Empire of the Depths
Age Unknown - Present
Aliases Lamia, Naga
Religion Eternalism, Draconism, Dephism
Mount N/A
Leader Lord of Atlantis
Intelligence Medimum
Height 210-240 feett
Environment Aquatic
Lifespan 500 years
 Nathair also known as Lamia and Naga are a species of Serpentile humanoids native to the deep ocean of Terfall. One of the only humanoid species which originally descended from the ocean, the Nathair forged themselves an Empire which can rival that of the Gelldir Imperium in it's prime. Subsequently all within the ocean.

Etymology Edit

Origin Edit

Nathair is both an old Irish word and a Scottish Gaelic used to describe snakes.

Usage Edit

The Nathair were given that name when their society came into contact with the expansive Hyedari, they taught them how to speak, write and craft whilst the Nathair were made the key defendants of Atlantis.

Pronunciation Edit

Nathair despite its simple sounding name is pronunciation "Nath-rach" this is directly a response to the pronunciation of the Scottish Gaelic word for nathair.


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