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Concept of Mytheria as a tribal princess
Vital statistics
Species/Race {{{Species/Race}}}
Affiliation Highlander Tribe (Formerly), Highland Republic
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Date of Birth - Death 94PD
Relations {{{Relations}}}
Aliases Daughter of Gorg, Highland Baroness of Norden
Class Mystic
Nature Neutral Good
Mytheria later known Mytheria Transfer was a Highlander Mystic who married Arnold Torick and created the Transfer Family with him. She however died to Red Froest during labour with her last son Mardrake Transfer.




  • It is believed that Mytheria being a Mystic was the reason reason her family where likely to be mages
  • She is designed under xena
  • Mytheria was going to appear as a hero for the highlander faction in Titan Land Kingdoms of Terfall. but it was scrapped after the model she was going to use was removed due to space, her father Gorg made it in instead

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