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Myra Yates
Mira Yates
Concept of Myra Yates
Vital statistics
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Affiliation Kingdom of Stars, Conner Pack
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Date of Birth - Death 198PD
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Aliases Child of Moonlight, Katien Lady,
Class Noblewoman, Black Tree Assassin
Nature Neutral Good
Myra Yates is a Katien who became a Moonartri after being infected with Lycanthropy by a unknown Lycan, she was tutored by Elaine Darksea brought the downfall of the ambitious Francis Yerek before he was able to overthrow the Katanova Family and take the throne of the Kingdom of Stars for himself.


Birth Edit

Myra Yates was born on November 2nd 194PD in Kat Prime between Jacob and Edwina Yates, this was during the final years of the Chaos War which she was to young to remember. She was sheltered within the Yates household until the end of the war in 195PD

Seperation Edit

In 197PD, when Myra was just 3 years old, her father Jacob Yates disappeared from her presence, her mother; Edwina Yates never told Myra what really happened to him or when he had gone but continued to raise Myra under her own guidance. Myra only vaguely remembered her father when growing up, but she didn't really want to know him as she believed she had abandoned her, which was far from the truth.

Life as a Noblewoman Edit

Myra grew up in the image of the Noblewoman of Kat Prime and that of the Kingdom of Stars, which demanded a degree of dedication and standard which she needed to perform on a daily basis to keep the family image. She was the lesser noblewoman of Veirhart Family who's head was that of her uncle Edwin Veirhart. Myra, alongwith her 2 cousins Carolyn and Reanna where paraded around Kat Prime to young noblemen to find decent suitors to the family who would provide the most wealth, promience and next generation for the Veirharts. Myra hates her mother's family despite their noblitiy, she believed herself a free spirit and cannot be brought to submission as a noble's wife in her later years.

First Love Edit

When Myra reached 16 in 210PD she met what she believed to be the one she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. He was Bradley Cross, a timid stableboy who worked in the kata's bridge stables. Myra met him when selecting a horse for a selection of riding lessons she was about to take, Bradley knew the horses well and choose what he believed would be the best horse for her, Myra was so curious and impressed by this stablehand that over the course of 6 months Myra returned to the stables, asking simple questions to bradley about riding and her horse, but she just wanted to hear him talk to her. It felt so peaceful when she was him bradly, normal she believed that eventually she plucked the courage to ask him for a date. Bradley who over the course of months getting to speak to a female who wasn't equine gladly accepted.