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Mutants also known as Defiled are a form of the Maniacs who have been infested by Change Spores which has rendered there physical bodies deformed into hideous figures, differing from each victim that falls pray to it. They are one of the two branches of the Church of Madness that want complete dominion over Uncharted and the Twisting Field.


Mutants have not been seen until the beginning of the Church of Madness founded by Aheri'zak during the late stages of the Darkening . Mutants where chosen at random from luko's flock and each began the grossum transformation of body and mind.  Mutants where then used by Aheri'zak during the battle of madness in 3ER against the Avari slaves who took over the Great Plains from the Gelldir just before their extinction. The battle was fierce however the forces of Luko where defeated and they retreated to the Sea of Whispers. By 4ER the  Mutants accompanied Aheri'zak to the mysterious islands known as the Uncharted Isles. The Mutants made the island their home and also many went through the Gate of Insanity to the Twisting Fields to assist Luko.

Now Mutants form the standard of the Church of Mutation lead by the Mutant King Cleaverworn. There dedication to bring the whole of luko's followers to their mutant ways rival the Church of Laughter who want all followers of Luko to become the pawns of the Eternal Laughter . They take followers from stealing them on raids of shipyards and ships across the Jaffar coast and convert them back on the Uncharted Isles.


The Appearance of Mutants is dependant of the type of mutant found. Despite all the different combination of mutations found on a mutant, they can easily be told apart from one other mutant. Look into each mutant type to see their appearance.

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