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Morgrim Katanova
Skeleton King of Stars
Concept of Morgrim Katanova as the King of Skulls
Vital statistics
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Affiliation Kingdom of Stars (Formerly), Cult of Skulls
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Date of Birth - Death 94PD
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Aliases Prince of Katastar, 3rd King of Stars, King of Skulls
Class Shining Swordmaster, King of Stars, Death Guardian
Nature Chaotic Evil(Formerly LawfulGood)
 King Morgrim Katanova was a Katien who became the 3rd King of Stars (r. 110- 147PD). A member of the Katanova Family, son of Lysander Katanova, Morgrim noted for his both his valiant effort to prevent the rising Hahaskan Empire from breaking the will of the Katanovians through war whilst improving the diplomatic relations with the Kingdom of Idara.

Morgrim ruled the throne of the Kingdom of Stars for 37 years until sadly he passed away in 147PD, to which point his son; Andrew Katanova was given the crown, becoming the 4th King of Stars.

However, further into Andrew's reign Morgrim was re-animated by the rogue light priest turned necromancer Mardrake Transfer, which turned him into a Corrupted Death Guardian, becoming the infamous king of skulls.


Morgrim Katanova

Morgrim Katanova whilst during his reign as King of Stars