Mordecai Icenail
Mordecai Icenail
Mordecai Icenail as a Vampire
Vital statistics
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Affiliation Highland Republic (formerly), Blood Regime (formerly), Kingdom of Stars
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Date of Birth - Death 124PD
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Aliases Banker of Snowright, Banker of the Blood Regime, Banker of Lightwater
Class Banker
Nature Neutral Good
Mordecai Icenail was a Bank broker working in Tewe where he became affliction with Vamparism and became a Vampire. Mordecai contiuned his work as the Money manager for the Regime of Blood but eventually he retired and managed to move to the Cavern Isles without detection of what he is. He is now the Bank Broker of the Cavern Isles town Lightwater .


CoM AppearanceEdit

Mordecai appears in the Book series "Child of Moonlight". In the Book he first comes into view as a customer in Bernard Yates 's Healing Center, where he has come for his monthly "prescribon" which was donation of blood for Mordecai to consume. Within the center was when Mordecai met Mira Yates and introduced himself to her. Kissing Mira's hand as she raised it towards him. Mordecai knew Mira was of a higher class from the introduction she gave him.  And she also clearly could tell that Mordecai was a Vampire, her father backed up her statement but reassured her that he is a "good man" and he has been trying to find a cure for his affliction but for now i give him blood from patients to Mordecai so that he isnt going to kill anyone or spread his curse. Mordecai also was seen by Mira wandering the dirt roads around the Isles. 

Later within the Series, Mordecai became Mira's Guide to the unknown, mainly the supernatural undead. Mordecai told Mira all the he knew of his curse, and even that of the curse which was taunted Mira; Lycanthropy