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Concept of Moonastar
Vital statistics
Status City, Capital (Formerly)
Alliases Fylethmel, Lost City
Affiliation Depenari Kingdom (Formerly), Crescent Cult (Formerly), Kingdom of Stars
Occupants Depenari (Formerly), Katanovians
Location Northern caves of Cavern Isles
 Moonastar origionally known as Fylethemel is a ancient undergorund city within the cave networks underneath Cavern Isles , believed to have been constructed by the Depenari. The city was left untouched for thousands of years after the Depenari's dissapearance and later became the headquarters of the Crescent Cult. After which the Kingdom of Stars left it untouched due to the Lycans run wild and unchecked in those deep caverns of stone and brick.



It is unknown who originally built the city as the crescent cult dismantled much of its former architecture for that of their own and that the Shenari never documented the city. Some believe that the city could of been either a small outpost of the Gelldir or Hyedari that was abandoned, or even that of an pre-civilation elf race that was most likely wiped out. What is certain is that the city was refounded by that of the Omeniens following their arrival and creation of their central city Omenastar.

Crescent Cult OccupanicyEdit