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Concept of Molungar in his Demonic form
Vital statistics
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Affiliation Despyro
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Date of Birth - Death Unknown
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Aliases Son of Despyro
Class God
Nature Chaotic Evil
Molungar Is a demonkin monster who is the direct creation of the Aspiral King Despyro, He is believed to be the only one of his kind and as of which there is no distinction to his race.



one knows the true extent to wise the great shadow god Despyro created Molungar. Could it be that Despyro felt jealous that his other siblings, the Aspiral Kings where creating Demonkin of their own, perhaps he wanted a greater grasp of sentient mortals by extending his reach.


Concept of Molungar In His Human Disguise


Concept of Molungar Before He Obtained a Physical Form


He is considered as Evil and Immoral monster that kills whoever that gets in his way and commonly tricks people in to doing terrible things. Strong/Moderate contempt for humans.


There has has been only a few persons who has seen his true appearance, so his appearance is unknown but known among the few persons who have crossed paths with Molungar and walked away alive. But he can be considered looking like a normal demon but just signs of despyro's appearance.


  • Requested By Immortal_wraith.
  • He Can Be Considered as an Aspiral Prince But Aspiral Princes Don't Even Exist Or Not In King Katanova's Lore.
  • Control over Shadow/Dark Magic Just Like His Father Despyro.
  • Consired As Son Of Despyro


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