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Witch Child
Concept of Miranda
Vital statistics
Species/Race {{{Species/Race}}}
Affiliation Unknown
Origin {{{Origin}}}
Date of Birth - Death Unknown (believed she could be possibly born near to 300ER
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Aliases The Sand Witch, the Lost Mother
Class Witch
Nature Neutral Good
 Miranda was a mysterious Witch who was a healer and friend of all the Uthwayiens who crossed the long sea to find Newwyn. She was beloved by all but never truely discovered by that of her lost son. Who now scholars think to be the ex-Cult of Skulls Necromancer turned Husband of Katarine Transfer; Jorn Herr


who unlike other Witches in her coven she did not pratice its dark arts. She fled her sisters and travelled from place to place. However she ended up being rapped during her crossing of the Highland Pass and gave birth to a child on the borderlands of Lana Falls along the River Li. What happened to the child is unknown but somehow Miranda made




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