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Concept of a Minotaur
Vital statistics
Affiliation Minotaur Tribes
Age Presumed 25,000ER - N/A
Aliases Bull, Begra
Religion Shamanism, Nature Worship
Mount N/A
Leader Minotaur Chieftains
Intelligence 5
Height 8-10 ft
Environment Any, but prefer rocky plains
Lifespan Around 200 years
 Minotaurs are a species of Sentient Mortals found on Terfall. Originating from the province Badland, Minotaurs are known as gentle creatures who have a deep connection in the nature around them, however they are plaqued with an unstoppable rage when angered or in pain.


No one truely knowns the date in which Minotaurs came into being, since the Minotaur ancestors did write and only passed down history through stories. It is mostly believed that the Minotaurs came into being during one of the presumed dates of a Webbing Rupture, however which of the dozens in the lifespan of Terfall is only speculation and no proof could be foound of it.

First ContactEdit



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