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Drawing of Matyr

Matyr is a sword that has been passed down the generations of the Worthyright Family since the families founding with Lanastar. The sword is said to contain a stange pressence about it that can bend steel and easily turn the tide of any battle.


===Forging ===

Highpass ConflictEdit

===Briari conquests ===

War of KatanovaEdit

After the Chaos WarEdit

With the final defeat of Tirith Katanova, the Dissapearance of the Chaos Horde and the death of the sword's previous owner Kaileth Worthyright. Matyr found a new owner in the possession of his master's son, Kyle Katanova. The sword served the boy prince willingly and became the greatest of tools in the Kingdom of Stars despite the Crown of Stars and the fabled Starlet Gems.


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