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Maslum I Hahask
Maslum I Hahask
Concept of Maslum I Hahask
Vital statistics
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Affiliation Hahaskan Empire
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Date of Birth - Death 18PD
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Aliases Esken Warlord, Conquer of Scer, first Sultan of the Hahaskan Empire
Class Mounted Archer
Nature Chaotic Neutral
Maslum I Hahask was an Esken chieftain who founded the Hahaskan Empire under his leadership and later forming the Hahask Dynasty. Ambitious and some say cruel hearted, Maslum continued to rule the Hahaskans until his death from a recurring sickness to his wounds in 69PD to which the throne passed to his first son Maslum II Hahask.

Biography Edit

Birth & Childhood Edit

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