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Maslum II Hahask
Maslum II Hahask
Concept of Maslum II Hahask
Vital statistics
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Affiliation Hahaskan Empire
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Date of Birth - Death Unknown
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Aliases Sultan of the Hahaskan Empire
Class Sword Dancer
Nature Lawful Good
Maslum II Hahask was an Esken prince who became the second sultan of the Hahaskan Empire. A member of the Hahask Dynasty, first son of Maslum I Hahask, Maslum II sought to greater unify the empire to which his ambitious father had conquered, in question with the Shakuma and the Scer sympathizers.

Biography Edit

Birth & Childhood Edit

Maslum II the born through the consummation of Maslum I Hahaska and Hwen Hakim, he was born within the confines of the palace within Scer. From an early age, Maslum II showed that he had the magical affinity to that which his mother's family was known for, however his father feared the unpredictability of magic and choose to ignore Hwen's advice to take Maslum back to Bande to study magic.

References Edit

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