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Concept of Marrow
Vital statistics
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Affiliation Chaos Horde (Formerly), Kingdom of Stars
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Date of Birth - Death Unknown (Before Pre-dated History)
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Aliases Gateguard of the Chaos Horde, Lord of Winewood Manor
Class Hellspawn Gateguard
Nature True Neutral (Formerly Neutral Evil)

Marrow later known as Marrow Hellwhisper is a Hellspawn Gateguard who fought within the Endless War for untold centuries within the Realm of Magic. Marrow was drafted into the Chaos War on Terfall. After the defeat of Tirith Katanova and Chaos Horde, many of the Hellspawns that remained in Terfall were either captured,killed or experimented on by the Renegades for unknown goals. Many Renegade wizards experimented on Marrow and his fellow Hellspawns, affecting them physically and mentally. Many years from now, he was the only remaining Hellspawn alive in the facility,the other hellspawns had either died or been disposed off. One day, Marrow escaped the facility and took the identity of a katanovian noble, and the ruler of Winewood Manor.

History Edit


  • He is the first demon of xecien that ever left his army
  • Requested By Immortal_Wraith
  • name Marrow comes from word Bone Marrow and Marrow is an Character from Marvel Comics.
  • Marrow is the second wielder of Zaga'rath