Concept of Magic

 is the name given to a energy found across the expanse of the Titan universe. It is believed to be a biproduct of the Web of Creation and can allow any being, from the mighty Titans to the humble Mortal to bend the flow of reality and etheral to their will. God's are known to take favour towards beings that used a magical form based on their own affinity and being that used a form of magic are named as Mages and due to magic being energy created from the web of creation, any being that was formed from it can wield it.


Magic ususally can be catagorised based on which form the magic it affinates towards a certain aspect of the Web of Creation. These catagories are....

  • Light Magic
  • Arcane Magic
  • Elemental Magic
  • Death Magic
  • Shadow Magic
  • Nature Magic
  • Chaos Magic
  • Blood Magic


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