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Lycan Pack Member

A Lycan Pack Member

Lycans are a mutated form of werewolves that exist across the Cavern Isles as feral beasts. 



Lycans came into being around 132PD within the underground city of Moonastar. The ruling Crescent Cult began abducting omenien villagers across the Cavern isles and infecting them with their own "modified" verison of the Lycanthropy they had researched apon for over 50 years even before the parting of mages. When the time came for their first transformation to begin, they became that of a more monstrous and savage form of the legendary werewolves that served the cultist completly as if they where they alpha. 

Lycan ArmyEdit

Post Chaos WarEdit

With the Crescent Cults demisre 





Notable LycansEdit


  • Werewolf_HD.jpg

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