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Concept of a Lunien Warrior
Vital statistics
Affiliation Kingdom of Lunastar (Formerly), Kingdom of Stars, Alliance of the Princesses
Age 200PD - Present
Aliases Jaqish, Magefolk
Religion Five Paths
Mount Horse
Leader King of Jaqua (Formerly), King of Stars
Intelligence High
Height 150 - 180cm
Environment Arid
Lifespan 80 years
Luniens also known as the Jaqish are a race of humans native to the arid region of Terfall known as Jaqua. Adaptable and highly intelligent for their species, the Luniens became some of the greatest practices of magic since the Gelldir Imperium.

The Luniens were originally part of the Kingdom of Lunastar, one of the Forekingdoms before the unification of the Katanovians and the founding of the Kingdom of Stars.

History Edit