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Concept of Luko
Vital statistics
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Affiliation Madness Worship
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Date of Birth - Death 60,000,000ER
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Aliases Aspiral King of Madness, God of Mutation & Laughter
Class God
Nature True Neutral
"What is Normality without the tempions to lose ones mind hey? you may think of me as evil but i am merely just the Shepard over the flock of psychopaths trying to appease me, hehehehehe."
—Luko, Speaking with an unknown adventurer[src]

Luko is the Aspiral King of Madness,Mutation and laughter across the Titan Universe. His followers are wide and diverse in the 3 forms. From the pychopathic killers to mad artists and thinkers to deranged mutations with nowhere to go. Luko protects all and bestows gifts of plenty to his followers and is the most influential Aspiral King of all to the direct consort with mortals. Luko does not have demonkin but preffers his mortal followers; the Maniacs to maintain his realm of Desakra ; Twisting Fields.


Luko, like all over Aspiral Kings was a Extension of the Destoryer who after his death and corruption of the one who sleugh him Xecien became a god in his own right. Luko was one of the interesting of Aspiral kings because he tutored under his father to learn


Luko is completely obessed with the unthinkable, since his affinity to madness and deranged things, other Gods see him as


Luko will take different appearances in different attires when either addressing Sentient Mortals or Gods. However in each form he takes the appearance of a male with white hair and pale skin.

When addressing Gods he takes the form of a ominous  figure of elvish appearance, muscular toned with large curved horns protruding from his forhead, his skin pale white with pink or purple eye colour. He addorned himself in impressive armor using pink, purple and red colours as from the concept picture shown. Taking inspiration from Loki

Luko Mortal

Concept of how Luko might appear when addressing any sentient mortal from Terfall

When addressing sentient mortals he will take an appearance of a male verison of a specific sentient mortal race that descends from the planet that the sentient mortal he is addressing comes from. for example when addressing humans, elves or orcs luko would take the appearance of a tale human with noble cloths using the distinich features that crosses over from his god form, he would carry around a cane and still apppear with the pink or purple coloring.


  • Luko was likly inspired by 2 key godlike elements, the first being the Norse God Loki which his name derives and the second being the Elder Scrolls Daedric Prince of Madness Sheogorath which hes prophet and champion aheri'zak show.
  • Luko was the first aspiral king to be designed, originally being a eternal one. However it never made sense for a deranged god to be ranked amongst the primes.