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Concept of Lo'slann, the God of Temptation
Vital statistics
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Affiliation Desire, Temptation, Indulgence
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Date of Birth - Death Unknown (before pre-dated history)
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Aliases God of Temptation, Indulgence or Desire
Class God
Nature Lawful Evil
 Lo'slann is the God the temptation, indulgence and desire across the Titan Universe, he is one of the aspiral kings and father to the Succubi and Incubi.


Lo'slann like his closer beings; the Aspiral Kings came into being through the soul dispersion of the titan Yok'edici, a titan who's very nature was to be a counter to the great Khalaq, his children sought to compete with the creator's children; the Eternal Ones for favor amongst Mortals. Lo'slann took up the affinity of desire, temptation and indulgence, He pleasures himself in the intoxications of mortals and has been doing so since his birth. Prayer to Lo'slann rested upon their inner temptation and for them to forfil there much debauch desires and pleasures in whatever means, this became difficult over time as more mortals fell into worshipping the orderly Eternal Ones over themselves, so Lo'slann and a number of other Aspiral Kings decided to produce their own forms of Demonkin to keep Sentient Mortals within their affinities. Lo'slann's own creations became known as the seductive Succubi and the mysterious Incubi.

Involvement within the Endless WarEdit

Lo'slann does not take a direct approach to the great conflict that engulfs infinia between the Aspirals and Eternals, as he prefers his business to be focused entirely on mortals then his own interests. Lo'slann's only involvement in the war is that when his demon and bound back within inifia he instructs them to act as intelligence to gather vital information regarding the eternal's battle strategies and tactics, with this vital remains priority and without it, the Asprials would be easily overwhelmed by the near strength of the eternal's forces.


Lo'slann has allways loved the image of Elves when they came into being, so much so that he reflected the elven appearance and twisted it into his own mold of beauty. Lo'slann can either appear like a elf with purple skin, decorative horns, bat-like wings and his own hand claws. Despite being non-gendered Lo'slann presents often presents himself as male much like an incubi.


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