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Liam "the Red" Tansis
Idara Kingdom
Concept of Liam "the Red" Tansis
Vital statistics
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Affiliation Kingdom of Idara
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Date of Birth - Death 11ER
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Aliases Hero of Idara, First King of Idara
Class Knight
Nature Lawful Good
Liam Tansis also known as Liam the Red was a Idaran Warrior rallied the tribes of his people against the Drakari during the Idara Conflict and defeated them. He then form the Kingdom of Idara, ruling it as the King of Idara and founding the Tansis Family.


Liam Tansis was born on a Avari slave camp stationed in east Idara, under the harsh treatment of the Gelldir and Drakari who "owned" him, Liam spent he childhood as a growing house slave to a wealth Gelldir family. He grew bitter over the how elves treated him as his people that, during nights and early morning, Liam secretly learned horse riding and swordplay in the hope that he would gain his freedom and that of his people. 

Darkening Edit

  Under their new racial name of Human, little is known of Liam's childhood but it is believed he was taught the ways to fight with a sword and horse riding from his father and other members of their tribe. His teenage life involved him and other trained idaran tribals to raid and assult the Drakari fortifications along the north western Idara coastline, it was how he learned the best ways to deal with dark elves and their over-zealous belief of the death god theda. 

Idara ConflictEdit



Nymwel - Nymwel was a Gelldir crafted longsword which Liam inherited from his father who looted the sword from the abandoned gelldir encampments around the coast of idara. It served him well as it was both light and sharp without the need to be sharpened. The sword sadly was lost from the Idaran society and included in the legends of lost artifacts.


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