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Larissa Katanova
Lara Katanova
Concept of Lara Katanova
Vital statistics
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Affiliation Kingdom of Stars (Old Kingdom Alliance)
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Date of Birth - Death 147PD
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Aliases Princess of Lana Falls, General of the Old Kingdom Alliance, 1st Queen of Stars
Class Katanovian Defender
Nature Lawful Good
 Larissa Katanova known by her shorter name as Lara was a Katien who became the Crown Queen of Stars in 171PD. A member of the Katanova Family, daughter of Andrew Katanova. Lara's ruled the Kingdom untested until the Chaos War where she

Lara ruled the Kingdom of Stars through the toughest of times and her resolve as queen rivaled even that of her father. She eventually died of heart failure in 223PD where her only son Kyle Katanova took up the throne.


Birth Edit

Lara was born with her twin brother Tirith in the year 147PD to the 3rd King of Stars Andrew and his wife Sienna. With their birth came the hardship that sienna shortly died afterwards.