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Concept of Lanastar
Vital statistics
Status City, provincial capital
Alliases City of Lana, Golden City
Affiliation Kingdom of Stars
Occupants Laniens, Briari, Dwarves, Highlanders
Location Lana Falls, Terfall
Lanastar is a settlement in the south eastern region of Lana Falls. It is the Lanien's capital city for the province. It stands as the city of industry, industry and honour.

Misconception Edit

It is often believed that the very foundations of Lanastar are built from gold. That is misleading as the stonework the early dwarves used to build the city was quarried from a section area deep in Lana falls where the mineral compound of the stone gives of a yellow colouring instead of the usually grey, reds or amber stones that are seen on the surface.

History Edit

Lanastar was originally a Dwarven city that sat at the foot of the Graes, It's loyality lies to none of the 3 dwarven kingdoms existing today, which may believe that it was a kingdom of it's own or a collection of dwarves from the 3 kingdoms. It's original name was lost with the dwarves that lived that but some dwarves craving and still present in the architecture of lanastar today.

Over the course of roughly 1000 years, the dwarven settlement grew in time