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Concept of Kraken's Bane resting upon Hydro's Coffin

Kraken's Bane is a Hyedari Artefact which is believe to give it's master the command over the oceans.


The Kraken's Bane was a Hyedari scimitar belonging to the ancient chieftain Zoltan, during the growing conflict regarding the Gelldir's Expansion into the hyedari's territory, Zoltan took his people onto the open ocean to escape their submission. Months out at sea, fishing off their great ships and being Hyedai they did not require water it is believed that these elves met the terrifying sea monster which they later called Nauticas, they battled with the beast over the open ocean but little did they know that Nauticas was a feral Titan who had been slumbering under the oceans for millenniums. Zoltan was killed during the battle, were his sword fell onto the side of his daughter Hydro


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