173PD  Kyle Katanova was born

101PD – 175PD Andrew Katanova time period

168PD – Andrakeas Katanova was born

168PD – 172PD Skull War time period

133PD – 172PD Mardrake Transfer time period

142PD – 195PD Maria Time Period

175PD – 177PD The war for Katanova Time Period

179PD – 184PD Necromatic Conflict period

147PD – Lara and Tirith Katanova where born

132PD – Orule Katanova was born

108PD - 133PD – Mytheria Transfer time period

195PD – 201PD Chaos War period

153PD – Morgrim Lost the throne and his life, Andrew took the throne

68PD – Lysander Katanova took the throne

125PD - 202PD – Arnasteen Centric

148PD – 213PD – Bernard Evee Time Period

148PD - Jorn Herr was Born

146PD- Elaine Darksea and Maia Darksea where born

34PD – 101PD Orea Sandrule Time Period

152PD – Present Mergana Sandrule Time Period

159PD – Present Herold Sandfury Time Period

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