Knights of the Wolf
Knight of the Wolf
Concept of a Knight of the Wolf
Vital statistics
Culture Kingdom of Stars
Class Elite Cavalry
Role Keep order within Highpass, assist the Earl of Highpass
Equipment Highland Claymore
Armour Steel, Leather, Cloth

The Knights of the Wolf are a military unit that are employed by the Kingdom of Stars, they are a heavy armoured infantry which make use of duel wielding swords similar to that of the Highlander Commandos in service to the Earl of Highpass and his or her protection of Highpass. They are part of the Order of the Wolf.

History Edit

The Knights of the Wolf were formed following the years after the Collapse of the Highland Baronage and with it the Kingdom of Stars annexing of Highpass. The highlanders grew resentful to the crown and their requirement for taxation which was not used in the Baronage, more of them became to side of the wild Yiffords who after the Chaos War had began more frequent raiding parties and better tactics against the Highlanders and that other of people around their mountains.

The new Earl Kristin Baer, who was the last baron to rule sought aid from her new allies to the west. Were, with Queen Lara's answer, she commission the creation of a new knighthood to protect Highpass from the Yiffords, many volunteers both Katanovian and Highlander who were part of the Kingdom's Military joined up to this new knighthood, as well as members of other knighthoods such as the Order of the Eagle & the Order of Guardians. After months of training under the Highland Commando's tactic, which was the focus of the recruits to best tackle the Yiffords, over 200 knights were ready. Adopting the name of the wolf, the new Knights of the Wolf marched to the aid of Highpass and their war was about to begin.

Tactics Edit

The Knights of the Wolf adopt much of the tactics from the Highland Commandos Except they wear more durable armour, they would charge into battle, going toe to toe with the enemy on the front lines and use their weapons to hack and slash and can take on any foe they face, whether that be a frenzied Yifford, or even a fully cladded-knight.

They do not bare horses in battle, as the weight of their Highland Claymores alone means they cannot swing it with one hand. This leads them to a slight disadvantages to horseback enemies who can easily outrun them and if they can pierce through their tough armour they will fall, they also don't bare any shields, so they are vulnerable to ranged fire.

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