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The Kingdom of Renegades is a kingdom on Terfall controlled by the pirates to unify the captains under one power to stem the onslaught of foreign powers. Also known as the Kingdom without honour and the Deserter Kingdom.



The Kingdom of Renegades into being around 256 post darkening. Through the campaign led by the Katanovians of the Kingdom of Stars and the Hahaskans of the Hahaskan Empire across the high seas to remove the plight of the pirates known as the gold dawn campaign. Several months of conquests between the 3 parties left the pirates shattered and open, losing many of the vessel in the fighting concluding with the verdict of the pirate council in pirate haven for their final conclusion. They where drawn to fully surrending their reign of the high seas to the katanovians and hahaskans or risk their own lives and the lives of the lawless men. Then one pirate captain step into the council chambers claiming one proposal the captains have no fought of. That outspoken pirate being the renoun Christopher Crow; the son of legendary pirates Maia Darksea & John be continoued