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Kingdom of Axon
Kingdom of Axon
Concept of the Kingdom off Axon's Symbol
Background Information
Type Independent Kingdom
Location Axon
Capital Bronzewall
Founded/Built Began around 240-250PD
Ruler's King of Axon
Other Information
Summary Independent Nation of the Axoni,
Other Names Axoni Kingdom
Inhabitants Axoni, Hellien, Highlander, Esken
Language Common
Lifespan Still present
The Kingdom of Axon is a small kingdon on Terfall which belongs, rules and populated by the Axoni. It reign's over much of the provincal region of Axon and later gaining control of northern Highpass, eastern Scorn and as far north as the Venara Island. The Kingdom o Axon is a reletive newcomer for the faction table of Terfall as it was just a province under the dominion of the Kingdom of Stars which rebelled around 240-250PD and certify itself as a faction to be feared by its larger and now angry neighbors.


Founding - 240-250PD Edit

It can be argued that the eventually forming of the Kingdom of Axon came about through the creation of the Red Legion, an taskforce conscripted of Axon born knights and refugee warriors from the other 3 regions.

Culture Edit

Government Edit

The Kingdom of Axon is governed by a combination of democracy and monarchy, from a foreign power's perspective, the Axoni is seen governed the King of Axon, he or she is either the commander of the military affortory or to be the emissary to foreign powers. The true decision making to the kingdom lies with the Senate. Each of the Axoni nobility holds a seat within the senate where they debate and vote on poltical views, ideals and actions that effect the kingdom.

The King is voted into power through the senate, one of the nobles is chosen to lead and they remain in power until they either step down or die. They can also be removed from power by the senate however this is were dictatorship can appear.

Military Edit

Originally, the kingdom of axon used what miltiary forces the Kingdom of Stars, aswell as rememant Hahaskan empire soldiers and Highland had left within axon following the breakup of axon from it's grasp. The first true axoni military was under the Red Legion

Slavery Edit

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Magic Edit