Concept of an Human Kingdom

Kingdom or Empire is a sovereign state instituting a monarchy, or having a monarch as its head.

Within the world of  Terfall. there were several kingdoms, all vieing for power and land across the years, the largest being those of the Kingdom of Stars and the Hahaskan Empire.

Most Kingdoms have the desire normally given by the ruler to expand there territory. Clearly seen in the desire of the Hahaskan Empire and the Elven Empire to expand further south into the region of Orrcen and would constantly contest with the indigenous Orcs.

Types Edit

Major Factions Edit

  • Kingdom of Stars
  • Hahaskan Empire
  • Kingdom of Idara
  • Kingdom of Thorgaard

Minor Factions Edit

  • Orcish Kingdom
  • Goblin Kingdom
  • Kingdom of Thrones
  • Kingdom of Nautikalen
  • Second Dominion of Atlantis
  • Dawn Republic
  • Black Covenant
  • Church of Madness
  • Kingdom of Renegades
  • Dragon Cult
  • Chaos Horde
  • Dominion of Rioclya
  • Shadowcurse Clan
  • Kingdom of Runera
  • Kingdom of Bortho
  • Kingdom of Jaggar

Deceased Factions Edit

  • Elven Empire
  • Viri Kingdom
  • First Dominion of Atlantis
  • Highland Barony
  • Blood Kingdom
  • Scer Kingdom
  • Shakuma Sultanate
  • Cult of Skulls
  • Rebellion of the Princes