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Concept of Khalaq, Titan of Creation
Vital statistics
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Affiliation Web King, Web of Creation
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Date of Birth - Death Birth of Creation
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Aliases Titan of Creation, Architect of the Universe
Class Titan
Nature True Neutral
 Khalaq or more simply known as Creator was one of the titans made by the Web King to watch over the Web of Creation in his absence. Khalaq was one of the more notable of his kind for his was made the architect of the great web and he could form that which his will demanded.

Biography Edit

Origin Edit

Khalaq came into being like all the other titans, they were an extension of the Web King to watch over his great Web of Creation, Khalaq's role was that of the highest honour amongst his kin, he was made to be the architect over the web's power, that he would guide and instruct what the web would do with the universe, when the Web King eventually vanished from the Titan's, Khalaq continued his father's will to continue to form the universe into one of freedom, innocence and splendour

Forming of the Universe Edit

Following the web king's instruction, Khalaq continued to serve the great web as its architect, but with the un-managed form of the universe as it was with titans and mortals that began appearing in the well, so Khalaq decided to shape the Universe into that which the Mortals know now.

Manipulating the Web of Creation into forming Infinia, Mortalia and the Far Beyond, but in this so doing Khalaq incurred the wrath of his siblings, for in his blatant disregard to his other kin's well being and status as deities over the first mortals, with this new realignment of the universe these mortals were ultimately retaken back into the web's energy, the Titans felt like they had been cheated of their worship from those first ones and now were cut off from what mortals would now from in their absence being cut in infinia.